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Or Mishal
4 min readSep 6, 2022
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When I started recording my first songs, I had already gained experience as a member of several bands, making recordings, creating solo parts for songs by other bands and artists, performing on prestigious stages, and especially a lot of rehearsals in rehearsal rooms, which made me understand the essence and importance of each instrument in the general structure of the song.

Most of my first songs were recorded without a professional bassist, and I did not have a bass guitar. However, I needed the bass rhythm as a supporting instrument. Bass and drums are usually the instruments that create the leading tone in each song, despite the instrument’s quiet, dull, and almost invisible sound.

To play a bass role in my first songs, I used my electric guitar, tuning it down — so that it was as close as possible to the real thing, that is, to a bass guitar. It worked well. Although it does not sound like a bass due to the strings’ thickness, the bass’s role was well felt in every song. You can test it in my “New Vibes” album.

The role of the bass can vary depending on the genre. In the pop genre, for example, it is customary to use a synthetic bass using keyboards. This sound tone often sounds muffled and restrained compared to the sound of an electric bass guitar.

While guitarists and singers are considered the flashiest in a song, many people overlook bass players because they are not the most visible part of the band. It is worth noting that bass players are critical to the band’s success. A bass player can play a melodic role, providing a unique and memorable note that can stand out and become a band’s trademark. The role of the bass is to support the drums and other instruments by providing the backbeat and is essential to the overall musical structure of the song.

Bassists who know their job professionally will be the ones whose strings can continue to roll in listeners’ heads, long after the music ends, just for the reason that the bass adds a rhythmic pulse to the music, provides the basic tone and harmonic sound backing, can take many forms and contributes depth to the song.

The electric bass guitar evolved from the double bass and will always be a few inches longer than electric guitars. Its design is similar to that of the electric guitar, but with a…



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