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How many people worldwide fly abroad, especially to watch a musical performance by an artist they like?

It isn’t easy to quantify it in percentages, but it can be said that it is a single percentage. You need to have a strong passion for a quality show beyond the borders of your country to feel the experience fully. Until the corona crisis, a live musical performance was escapism on the part of the audience. Even today, the trend is similar. Still, since the outbreak of the epidemic and the era of the global crisis, which included a decline in morale, along with calculating expenses as a result of the cost of living, the recession, and the general situation following what humanity has been through in the last two and a half years, people spend mainly on what is necessary and not on all the impulses and desires that are not essential, despite the strong desire to escape and disconnect like in the good old days.

It is common to think (and believe) that concert ticket prices (abroad) are something that can easily hurt the wallet, especially when it comes to the performance of a famous cultural icon such as Elton John, Beyoncé, Eric Clapton and the like, but if you have already decided to fly to a desirable destination, check which Performances of top artists are held there, especially the ones you particularly like, find out the ticket price, where to buy and do some homework on the subject. I’ll give you a tip — Google reveals everything!

Those of you who don’t know will surely be happy to find out that you can purchase tickets for a concert abroad from home and at a price that will be convenient for you, sitting or standing — depending on the type of show.

In this article, I will give you a general overview of musical performances overseas, ticket prices, and what to expect.

Beyond the fact that London is the most expensive city in the world for almost everything possible, then, according to the World Concert Price Index (WCPI), London is the most expensive city for live performances and concerts in Europe, while Paris and Geneva are the least expensive in the world. This is mainly due to the result of high inflation. However, ticket prices for local artists’ performances are relatively low in other cities in England.

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The price of the tickets will depend on several factors, such as the type of genre, the type of artist or band, seating position, proximity to the stage, acoustics, VIP package, and more. Following the extreme change in conditions and a drop in demand over the past two years, the average price for a concert ticket for a first-class artist or band in the industry is more than twice what it was in previous years before the epidemic.

Ticket prices for musical performances are not uniform in every country and are determined according to data that varies from country to country. In France, for example, there is taxation on tickets in the pop and jazz genres, so sometimes the consumer pays an additional 35% of the ticket price.

In contrast, for the same performance by the same artist in the USA, for example, he will pay an additional 5% only. Together However, in each country, there are general trends that affect pricing, one of which is the most important and central is the price of royalties for writers or composers; when the royalties can reach an amount of 15% of the gross income, and this element is an important and determining element that ultimately affects the price of the ticket for the consumer.

Many countries impose different taxes beyond ticket taxes, and all of these ultimately affect the ticket price, which varies from artist to artist, country to country, and genre to genre.

Not many people know that the type of genre in certain countries sometimes affects the price of the ticket; a classic example of this is the fact that a ticket to a classic rock show, for example, is sold at a higher price than any other genre, even though pop artists are defined as the most popular and sought-after genres by the audience. At the same time, the ticket price will usually be determined according to the demand; that is, the more the number of performances in that country increases and the demand is huge, the more it will affect the ticket price.

As of today, and I’m talking about the year 2023 and continuing into 2024, the vacuum created by the corona crisis among artists who could not perform due to the difficult conditions led the veteran artists who wanted to return to the stage and perform to a situation of an extremely crowded performance schedule and a significant increase in the price of the ticket, and this is not directly related to the increase Ticket prices in the last five years, long before the Corona era.

The isolation and general chaos that prevailed in the world following the global crisis led to a strong need for live performances on the part of the audience that, created a crazy demand “on his initiative,” causing a disproportionate increase in ticket prices. Production companies are aware of this trend and take full advantage of it. Another reason for the increase in prices is the need to compensate for the loss of income during the isolation imposed on humanity at the beginning of 2020 with the outbreak of the epidemic.

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Ticket prices for live concerts have steadily increased over the past decade on average from $25 to $91 and have increased after the easing of the Covid 19 conditions, despite the cost of living and a constant increase in the many consumer products and services we consume, so that today going to a live concert makes the matter burdensome — especially on the pocket. This is not a price increase just for the price of the ticket, but for everything related to it until the show, during the show, and after the show, so that buying food and drinks in certain places makes the matter unaffordable and sometimes ruins the experience of enjoying the show.

Usually, when people see a triple-digit price for a concert ticket, they quickly conclude that the artist will make a lot of money. But the artist does not determine the ticket price and usually does not deal with the administrative side.

Today, production costs are taken into account from the moment of production to the performance so that the price of the ticket includes the rental of the stadium or park where the show takes place, electricity, stage and sound personnel, marketing personnel, transport, security, amplification, musicians, dancers and a host of components that directly or indirectly influence and are essential to the show.

Currently, most places where artists usually perform have increased their rents; due to this and other factors, most production companies charge more for selling tickets to the consumer. Sound people who, during the outbreak of the epidemic, had to look for alternative jobs to survive and retired from the field created a limited but sought-after file of sound people who continued to work in the industry and became more in demand so that they allowed themselves to charge a significantly high price.

Today’s consumers are very aware of what is happening; they understand the changing trends and are rather thundering about it to no avail, as the trend is only getting worse, which indicates that next year (2024) and the year after (2025) there will be a decrease in ticket sales due to a crazy increase in price. Many festivals may be canceled in an instant, the last one.

Let’s not forget that the Covid 19 crisis is behind us only in appearance and subtlety. People fear their health and contracting the disease, a trend that will not change in the next two years at least. To this, we will add the cost of living, inflation, low morale, and general recessionary conditions that are floating in the air and lead consumers to calculate every expense, so if a company production rented a stadium capable of holding 100,000 people but managed to gather only 70,000 fans, there will be no choice but to charge a high price for the ticket to try to fill gaps and cover costs, long before profits.

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In the last year and a half, we have been in a state of some recovery from the epidemic, the ease that is reflected in leaving the burdensome routine and free entry into the countries defined as “green,” but the fear that we will be infected with this cursed disease is still fundamental in every one of us, especially that every few months the media channels report on a new strain that threatens Return us to the period of panic in the first months of the Seder somewhere in 2020.

While many of those flying abroad are not in a hurry to purchase a ticket to any artist’s show due to a lack of awareness regarding the price of the ticket and other incorrect assumptions, and some thought it was a hobby for the rich only, I decided to examine this issue closely and shed some light on the subject, so that you can see that you can always afford to enhance the vacation experience.

First, ticket prices for live concerts abroad will not be higher than in the country where you live and sometimes even cheaper; however, the price will vary depending on the type of show and the location where it takes place. In some countries, certain genres may be more expensive than others and affect the ticket price, but not to the extreme so that you can stand it. We’ll look at the near future and what will happen before the epidemic outbreak, and then we’ll look at the concert prices for 2023 and 2024.

I point out that this data was tested in England, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Canada. Still, this information is accessible and available in every country you fly to if there is a live performance there.

From 2017 to the beginning of 2020, the average price for a live rock concert ticket was $118 per ticket. This is a relatively high price for a live performance in this genre than almost any other genre and remains the same even in 2021 and off.

The three most expensive tickets in this genre were at Bruce Springsteen’s “Springsteen on Broadway” show at the same time when the most expensive ticket price was $510, then $506, and the lowest of the three was $496. The pop genre is defined as the most sought-after genre and the second most expensive after rock, selling a ticket at an average price of $101.

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The most expensive ticket on average among pop acts was Lady Gaga’s at $337. Not far from her was the price for a Bruno Mars concert, where a ticket was sold at an average price of $330. The pop industry was the most profitable between 2017 and 2021 and generated more than $5.2 billion in gross revenue from live performances.

Today the situation is similar and even more expensive despite the high cost of living, the severe recession, and the general situation following the global crisis. I will now refer to ticket prices from 2022 and 2023 when the ticket prices will also be the same in 2024 and available for sale from today.

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The most sought-after artist I examined was Ed Sheeran, whose concert schedule is scheduled until September 2024. The average ticket price ranges from $149 to $189, depending on the country where the show takes place. In New Zealand, for example, the average ticket price is $189, while in neighboring Australia, you can get a ticket for 149 dollars. In Boston, USA, the ticket price for the same show is, on average, $125.

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Billie Eilish, on the other hand, was rated at slightly more expensive ticket prices; when in New York, you can purchase a ticket for an average price of $283, while in Los Angeles, the same show can be purchased for an average price of $197 and in San Francisco for only $143.

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Taylor Swift managed to surprise with slightly higher prices than Mrs. Eilish, when the highest ticket price on average was 349 dollars for a concert in Houston, Texas, USA. Still, you will only pay 271 dollars per ticket in San Diego for the same show. In Chicago, 195 dollars, and in Miami only 107 dollars on average. In contrast, in Toronto, Canada, the average ticket price for the same show is $145.

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Elton John managed to surprise this time, which is in complete contrast to similar performances that he has held at prices that only the rich could afford. Today, you can get a ticket for his concert at a price equal to everyone, the most expensive of which was an average of $143 per ticket in San Francisco, while the lowest that could be found in October 2022 in Vancouver, Canada, at a price of only 48 dollars.

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The legendary band Eagles maintained a high quality, and the highest price for a ticket on average was 341 dollars in California, USA, while in San Diego, you could get a ticket for an average price of 296 dollars. In Seattle, you could get a ticket for their concert at an average price of 133 dollars.

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Bob Dylan managed to surprise with a starting price for a ticket of 25 dollars, a show that took place in October 2022 in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia — Canada. Still, in New York, the ticket price was sold on average at 204 dollars for the same show. In San Francisco 143 dollars, and in Seattle, USA, you will pay only 94 dollars on average for the same show.

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Bruce Springsteen’s production people probably live on another planet and are disconnected from reality with an exorbitant, but the average price for a ticket of 691 dollars in a show in Hollywood, Florida. However, for example, in Houston, Texas, you could find a ticket for the starting price of 36 dollars for the same show. When I delved deeper, I discovered that ticket prices range from $49-$361 on average in the US.

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The legendary Eric Clapton maintained modesty despite his accumulated reputation and seniority. The high price for the concert was, on average, $292 per ticket, while a more moderate price for the same concert could be obtained for $143, and the lowest was $106 per ticket — worth it for everyone.

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Modesty is also reserved for David Gilmour, who managed to maintain a uniform line about ticket prices for his show when the highest among them stood at an average of $318, the average at an average of $193, and the lowest at an amount of $110 when all the performances were held in the USA. In Toronto, Canada, Getting a ticket for an average price of 190 dollars was possible.

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John Mayer also managed to surprise with sane prices when the highest price was an average of $217 per ticket while the average price was $137. Some claimed it was possible to get a ticket at a lower price of $107 on average per ticket when the lowest price was the same. Paying for a ticket to the show was $58 on average.

It is important to note that you can always enjoy live performances by less famous local indie artists or artists just starting who perform performances that are no less memorable than the veteran artists and even at reasonable prices that fit your budget.

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So if you have already flown abroad with the whole family and cannot afford to purchase tickets for the whole family For a performance by a famous international artist, know that there is an alternative — ask for a recommendation from the locals or search for reviews via the Internet according to your preferred genre.

You will quickly discover artists who perform in the area you will visit. There are quite a few local artists who create quality material and work very hard To hear applause and voices of encouragement during and at the end of the performance so that you will always be able to gain experiences that will accompany you for many years.

You may find that quality shows are held in a city you didn’t plan to visit, allow yourself to be spontaneous and gain an introduction to a new and unfamiliar area along the way, along with an artistic experience that will give you the kind of soul massage you need.

Enjoy the journey

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