Is it only in difficult times that quality music can be created?

Or Mishal
7 min readJun 8, 2023
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The year 2020 opened with an extreme and negative sign with the outbreak of the global corona crisis that hit all of humanity very hard, changed trends dramatically, and made many people understand that a higher power that operates under hidden channels controls the universe and demands that all of humanity adapt to its demands.

The “smell of death” of the approaching “end of the world” hit us with great force and caused us to calculate a different course and observe our outer and inner worlds.

Many offices reduced their workforce and put many employees on unpaid leave. Very quickly, humanity realized that in light of the new situation, there is no need for social gatherings or gatherings of various kinds, and most activities can be carried out from a private space without leaving their comfort zone.

Sound gloomy?


But these were the privileges.

Those who were hurt were the business owners who were fed by private customers such as restaurants, cafes, clothing stores, shopping centers, and mostly closed areas such as event halls, theaters, and even open areas that gather large audiences for musical performances, so many musicians, actors, and stage people of various types who work mainly behind The scenes were heavily damaged by the crisis and suffered a fatal economic and business blow mainly due to the stopping of the sources of income.

Those who knew how to save and kept the white dime for the black day survived. Others had to reinvent themselves, and older people found themselves in their extreme age knocking on many doors and asking for a living to survive. Even the food sector, considered the most consumed sector, was affected.

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People only bought what they needed. Many supermarkets that used to display on the shelves an abundance of consumer products from different companies and brands have reduced their merchandise to local and basic consumer products.

The forced stay at home, the quarantine, the isolation, and the mental stress led to…



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