About a year after his death, at just 58, the box was finally released.

Or Mishal
5 min readApr 28, 2022
Photo: Godfrey Samuel — GSS

I n one of my conversations with my musician friends with whom I sometimes play, develop styles, exchange impressions, and significantly enrich each other with musical insights and experiences, I am often asked about the guitarists who have managed to influence me.

I could never point to a guitarist who managed to influence me and make his mark on me, even though I enjoyed learning famous songs from many guitarists around the world like any guitarist who improve his solo skill and wants to play songs from his favorite genre. I was asked if I did know Prince’s songs or had heard him play more than once.

I got good reviews of him and even recommendations to learn some of his songs due to his interesting solo pieces. It surprised me. Prince is an amazing artist to me, but I have never seen him as a guitarist, even though he held a guitar in his performances.

I’m not saying this from an arrogant and arrogant place but because, for me, he was a virtuoso and quality pop artist in his field but not one who managed to make his mark in the theme song with a unique solo piece like the solo pieces by Pink Floyd, David Gilmore, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix, and others Guitarists around the world.

I have never heard a teacher recommend his student learn a solo piece of a Prince song or even a virtual teacher on YouTube who presents a solo piece to learn about him and get to know him and his materials, especially his guitar abilities.

The universe had other plans for me, and they sent me a guide to praise and glorify Prince as a guitarist with excellent virtuosic abilities. I decided to pick up the gauntlet and see if there was any truth in his words, even a little, to know a new style I had not heard before. Before watching his content on YouTube, I searched for information and reviews about him on the net and found quite a few. One of the recommendations I came across was the unique album Sign ‘O’ the Times.



Or Mishal

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